First Post: 9 Clothing Hacks You Should Know (via Buzzfeed)

tumblr_n5nkagkzui1qhj4cdo1_500Hello & welcome! ❤

The road to setting up this blog was not easy to navigate. My eagerness to launch this page was blinded by the utter reality that I am technology repressed. I kid you not, it took me two hours to get my “About Me” page up and running. (Here’s a secret: I received an iPad for my birthday last August. It’s still in its original packaging. I have no intention on learning how to utilize it. I use it as a paperweight.) So please, bear with me as I edit/re-edit/un-edit/re-edit everything. But as an avid lover of effortless chic, I have decided to use this blog to share my interests with you all. Stay tuned for trend updates, reviews, how-to’s, and some happy DIY-ing’s! I’ll get there. 😉

For starters, here’s a clothing hack video sent from the Buzzfeed god’s to help the fashionably yet financially saavy (circa 2015 college students). Shout out to my homies who rely on (and simultaneously get screwed over by) FAFSA. We are the real MVP’S.

– Eunipop

Disclaimer: the image in this post is from my Instagram. I figured it was an appropriate first-post picture because strappy sandals are always appropriate. Always.



  1. Your blog is awesome!! I really like how you put a Youtube video in your first post instead of just a picture to show the kind of things you’re going to be posting. The only thing (and this could be because I’m still trying to figure out WordPress myself) was that it was hard to find the link to click to be able to post a comment just because the colors for links are dark. I figured it out after a little while, though! I’m really excited to see more of your posts!


    1. Michelle! Thank you so much for your feedback. I was having a hard time trying to manipulate the accessible palettes for my theme (I really didn’t want to pay $99 to access more legible font colors). This is such a struggle. I am looking forward to your posts as well! 🙂


  2. I like the layout of the blog and that the first post gives a glimpse of what would be posted in the future. I noticed that the images on this post and in your ‘about’ page don’t work. If you added the picture with a URL, the image from the original site may have been taken down.


  3. Hi Eunice! Your blog looks really fun to scroll through with so many pictures and it’s nice that you added a YouTube video. Thanks for the share! I’m looking forward to your future posts :). Also, I am not sure if it just me that is getting the problem but your IG picture on your first post is not showing up or that there is an error.


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