LOUIS VUITTON: Series 2 #lvseries2

Yesterday, the Louis Vuitton “Series 2-Past, Present and Future” exhibition opened. It was a celebration that thoroughly embraced the current inspirations and vision of Louis Vuitton with its celebrated history. The exhibition entwined many aspects of digital media, including 3-dimensional projections and videos. As well, mirrors and photo collages gifted individuals with an intimate look at the iconic brand. Guests of the fashion story house included Jennifer Connelly, Diana Argon, Alexa Chung, Michelle Williams, Aimee Song, and more.

via Diana Argon’s twitter. Love the bag? Buy the statement piece at the Louis Vuitton location in Riverside Square Mall (Hackensack, NJ)!

Jennifer Connelly via Pelayo Diaz’s twitter. LOVED her in “He’s Just Not That Into You” & “A Beautiful Mind.” What a babe.

In par with both Argon and Connelly’s looks, think feminine embellishments, florals, and 50 shades of pink for the Spring. Be confidently bold and beautiful in 2015. Stay tuned for pics of the exhibition! In the meantime, check out the #lvseries2 hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You will not be disappointed.



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