Thank God for tutorials because I am the least tech-savvy person in the world. I am a huge fan of the #nofilter culture (not because I think rawness of a natural photo captures the essence of our contemporary era of food snapping, but because I have no idea how to edit). The GIMP software is really NO joke and I am almost sure this is probably one of the easier programs to work with. I just suck, LOL. But it happens. Practice makes perfect. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Right? Right.

Anyways, the photograph I chose to sample as my header features a pair of Rag & Bone’s menswear inspired, patent leather, pointed-toe shoes (shame on me for not remembering the silhouette’s name). I am a fan of minimalism as well as dressing in monochrome because of its classic timelessness: no matter what era, black, white, and your favorite 50 shades of grey will always be in style. I struggled aimlessly trying to crop and skew, as well as adjusting the color, brightness, sharpness, and everything in between.

It definitely is still a work in progress. And knowing how picky and indecisive I am, this first attempt at photo editing will probably not remain my header.


One comment

  1. I do agree with the whole ideology behind minimalism and that less is more in most cases. Monochrome, especially when being trendy and trying to reach the right demographic, screams a sense of professionalism and clean cut, sleek formats that people will naturally gravitate towards. Your header really kicks (pun not intended) that sense of style and class into your blog.

    Though one thing I notice is that it may be too minimal. If you had the pictures in your display be a little larger and presented more of an idea of what you want your blog to be about would be helpful.

    But I do agree with you, I am also displeased with my header. It doesn’t fit me and though I do not like to nitpick others, I nitpick myself more easily. I like what I see so far though.


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