Blog Commercial!

Taken from my Instagram.

Good evening dudes and dames! In par with the weekly blog assignments, I have struggled and toiled endlessly to figure out how to use my computer. This Macbook is almost 5 years old and she does not receive enough TLC. Thank God for this class for coercing me to actually utilize my computer for needs that go beyond Netflix and online shopping.

Shame on me, but I didn’t even know that I had Garageband preinstalled into my laptop. I was completely blind-sighted but relieved that I had this feature and I can already foresee that it will come in handy in my upcoming projects. Learning how to be tech savvy will be my ultimate demise. I am already glued to my electronics as is.

The biggest struggle I faced was choosing the tracks to put on my commercial. I am an avid listener of gangster rap and baby making music, but I do not think I could keep a straight face and upload some glorious Wu-Tang Clan or NWA. I resulted to incorporating Big Sean’s “Love Story” (do not worry! This song was before he turned into human garbage) and an acoustic rendition of Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kids.” I could not figure out how to individually adjust the volumes on the separate tracks. This took me a few trials, but I finally got there. Before anyone says it, I am more of a hands-on learner. The tutorials came in handy in preparing to make the commercial, but I could not incorporate the new knowledge into the project; I might as well be a granny. Indubitably, this is nothing compared to rocket science (but I gave myself a few pats on the back for figuring this out without having a nervous breakdown). The breakdown itself came as I was recording my introduction. Is this REALLY what I sound like? No words can fully capture the embarrassment I felt, listening to the sound of my voice stumbling over mundane words. I am definitely not a public speaker. I am not a private speaker. I am just not a speaker.

Click here to listen to my blog commercial.

Please be gentle. I tried. 😦




  1. I agree this was a difficult assignment and that it is odd hearing a recording of our own voice. I liked that the song choices go well together and you did a nice job. Was there a problem exporting the file? I was confused that the clip was almost 4 minutes, until I realized there’s no sound after the 2:30 mark.


  2. I also keep saying how this class is going to make me tech savvy, haha. I was really excited about already having Garageband on my laptop; I had no idea I had it either! Your commercial came out really well! I like both song choices. I think the beginning of Pumped Up Kicks was the perfect background music for while you were talking.


  3. Don’t worry, I never even heard of garageband or audacity until this class. I listened to your commercial and I love the two songs that you chose. It’s a super long commercial! If that’s what you’re going for, good job – you nailed it! lol. I had so much trouble creating my commercial so it’s the exact opposite – super short. But at least it’s over.


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