My experience creating a screencast was very much like my experience creating my header image, commercial, and everything in between. In all my endeavors to become technologically literate, each download and upload has rendered me a little helpless. The program itself was incredibly easy to use. It was straightforward and I felt pretty cool with a newfound canniness being able to produce a video screencast. I had no idea a program like this existed for everyday people who did not major in computer science.

The only “problem” I had with creating my screencast pertained to the awkwardness I felt hearing myself stumbling over commonplace words. English is my second language, but I was almost certain that I was proficient in speaking it. Why did I get so nervous? Why did I start choking up? Is this really what I sound like? Why do I get shivers listening to the sound of my own voice? I suppose we are all our own biggest critics.

This skill will definitely come in handy during tutorial videos for people who are technologically challenged. I can already see myself using Jing to teach my dad how to pay online bills. He knows there is a way, but has no idea how (and he still calls me every month to ask me to help him make payments). God forbid I miss his call, but if he had a step-by-step screencast to play, replay, pause, and meditate on, I am sure he will be able to figure it out. As much as I love my dad, I would love to see him take full advantage of the very expensive desktop computer in his home. Perhaps he will find more use for it outside of Netflix and solitaire.

Click here to view my screencast and if you were interested (as you should be), click here to be directed to Eugenie Grey’s blog. Please be gentle with me, I really tried.

***UPDATE! The reason why I did not click on any of the links on her blog was because they were not working! 😦 But her main feed was too chic not to exemplify.***




  1. I think you did a really good job with your screencast! You were to the point and showed the most important parts of this blog in a given time frame. You also sounded great- I totally understand what you were saying though- i hate my voice as well. But great job!


  2. I can totally relate to the stumbling over your words while you were trying to screen cast. English is my first language and I still had trouble and was blanking out during recording. I like how you explained about the different sized fonts and your preference on a simple and clean theme. I think the only thing is maybe switch between the tabs so that we can see more of her blog instead of just the front page but overall great job!


  3. I suppose that people just get nervous on a screencast as if you were doing any sort of presentation or public speaking. I did it to, except I just keep talking and don’t know when to shut up. I agree that it is helpful to know how to approach a screencast now, simply because you know what you’re looking for and what to avoid.

    And I don’t know what you mean, you sound very clear and well-worded, so good job! The blog does look professional too, plus I can tell you also emulate that look. I am a critical person, but I think you did a good job on the screencast.


  4. Great job on your video!! The audio was clear and you had everything planned out as to what to say and where to click. You did sound a little nervous in the video but it’s okay! I had problems with the speaking part too. I felt kind of awkward as I rambled on and my final product wasn’t perfect but I tried to have fun with it. Lastly, I really like the blog that you picked!


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