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Starting a new blog is fun. You have an idea, interest, hobby: this is your niche. And more likely than not, there is someone out there that wants to know what you know. I work in the fashion industry and I love everything about it, so I didn’t think twice about making a blog that directly relates to my profession.

Success is the greatest motivation and for up-and-coming bloggers, new followers are vital. But they don’t appear out of thin air. The sky is the limit, but you got to work your way up. You have to be creative. You have to be proactive. You have to spread the word.

In par with this week’s assignment, I am asking you guys to help me out by promoting my blog. To facilitate the process, you can download the promo-photo (see above) and upload it onto Instagram or Twitter. Easy peasy!

It would take you less than 30 seconds to create a promotion post, but it would really encourage me by driving traffic.

We live in an undeniably hyperconnected world. Blog promotion would be beneficial because it spreads the word about my blog to a mass of individuals- many of whom may be interested in posts about trend analysis, evolution of style, or accessorizing tips. I have a lot of great things planned, so spread the word & stay tuned! 😉




  1. I love that picture you created! I also like what you said about being proactive and creative and I totally agree. You can’t expect to get your blog noticed unless you make a effort. Promo posts also can assist in this and i think you described it perfectly.


  2. I agree about the picture so awesome wish I was able to do that. It is hard to get free publicity from others just to show they care. If everyone was willing to be as kind a lot of people can have their things be shown more easily.


  3. I just want to say that the image you created is great. It is very unique which helps to draw in new viewers. I would just say that it appears more to be an art picture rather than a fashion blog but some people consider fashion to be an art style. So as they say, “to each, his/her own”. Overall, I really like it. So have a good one.


  4. It’s awesome that you’re actually a part of the fashion industry and are tying your blog assignment to that. This blog might really help to set you apart. You’ve also set up such a simple and useful way for people to promote your blog with the promo photo. Awesome!


  5. That’s such an awesome picture. I wish I was tech-savvy like you so that I could create something like this instead of just screenshotting my blog lol I think the fact that the picture is blurred out will create a lot of curiosity for your potential audience, causing them to go to your blog so they can gain clarification as to what it is you blog about. Very cool!


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