Meme: Steal Her Look

In fashion magazines and catalogs as well as the fashion blogosphere, the Steal Her Look or Steal Her Style guides (on where to get boutique clothes and accessories to achieve the look of a celebrity) are incredibly prominent.



Somewhere along the way, the series of lookbook-esque posts took a magnificent turn in the internet world, as people took the notion and made guides for internet memes, fictional characters, viral video celebrities, and even inanimate objects. The meme I chose is referred to as “Steal Her Look” and it is one of the most glorious things I have seen over the years.



I feel as though this meme takes fashion, as an industry, off the high horse. It’s not all about spending your life savings on labels; it’s about expressing yourself and wearing clothes that fit your style and personality. Fashion is sometimes paralleled to art and it makes me wonder, why not? Art can be funny! Fashion is not simply for people with extra cash, but for everyone, including people with a triumphant sense of humor.



  1. I love this, I’ve never seen this meme. It’s really interesting that this meme is almost like a social commentary. Some people are so impressed by labels and brands.


  2. I never get enough of these memes! I love Bob’s Burgers, so that one is one of my favorites. I think this meme does a great job representing both you and your blog because you have a fashion blog, which suggests you like fashion yourself. Great meme!


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