Trends are forever evolving and some looks are really daring. Pastel colored hair is so hot right now, but if you buy a box and try to dye your hair at home, it can turn into a total disaster. Edgy looks make you stand out, but if not executed right, your look may bring some really unwanted attention. There are a few fashion woes that have proved to be awful through the test of time and should be avoided, forever.

With the crazy weather we have been having, who knows what shoes to wear? It’s too warm for those Uggs and too early for your favorite rubber flip-flops. Socks with sandals: meteorologically, this may be the most weather appropriate choice.

So… Ladies and gentlemen, here are a few questions for you. Are you a middle aged man at Disney World with his family? Are you a samurai and/or geisha? Are the sandals in question strappy with a heel and are the socks in question lacey and dainty? If you answered no to any of these questions, steer clear of this potential footwear treachery. I have never heard a woman say her weakness is a guy in socks and sandals (although I have heard good news about men in button downs with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows). Who knows, maybe there are people out there who are completely in love with this footwear, but the general consensus seems to give a big no-no to this look.


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