Creative Commons: Louis Vuitton SS ’15 Runway Show

Looking up arbitrary and commonplace words like “fashion” or “style” on the Creative Commons Search Engine gave me really mundane media to choose from. Instead, I decided to be specific in my search. I typed “2015 F/W Runway Show” on Youtube via Creative Commons. I found it very interesting that none of the official videos or pages popped up, but instead, my choices were limited to videos uploaded by other individuals. Issey Miyake, Victoria’s Secret, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana shows came up through Creative Commons, but most of these videos were hosted by Russian and South Korean Youtubers, like the one I incorporated into this post. Also, when directed to Youtube from Creative Commons, my search was followed by “,creativecommons” on the search bar. Also, all the videos were licensed under Creative Commons, meaning that the video is in public domain or that the entire Youtube community has the right to reuse or edit the said video at hand.

When referencing the Fair Use Checklist, I can ascertain that the video is okay to be posted on my blog because it has commentary and criticism purposes, it is published and factual in nature, and the video does not pose a threat to the copyright market.

I think Nicolas Ghesquière, the creative director, did a phenomenal job with the collection (and as the brand ambassador of LV, I was really biased to pick this video over the other shows… oops 😉 ). I have been in love with the weather we have lately and I cannot wait to style my favorite Spring and Summer pieces over the next few months. I figured we could all use a little inspiration before we bring out the floral prints and pastel hues. Enjoy!



  1. Although I am not really a fashionable person or guy, I think that the video you have chosen is great. Its a great look at the runaway. I also think that the official were not going to be a part of the Creative Commons because they were trying to protect their videos from being altered or abused for other companies purposes. But other than that, I think that it was a good video and I also can not wait for Spring and Summer clothes. Although mine might not be as fashionable as yours. Have a good one!


  2. I find it interesting that the Creative Commons only applied to the original video, but not to anyone else who was recording and taking photos at the runway. The video quality was a lot better than I expected because you mentioned that it was posted by individuals; so I assumed it’d be by amateurs with poor equipment recording it.


  3. I love watching runway shows! This is a perfect post especially for your blog topic. That is really interesting that none of the official pages popped up and I wonder why that is. Overall though, good job and a very relevant post!


  4. i also had a similar problem with the choice selection when i searched “makeup” using the creative commons search engine. Almost all the pictures were someone’s eyes of a beautiful smokey eye, but not much diversity. I finally found a picture that I liked and incorporated into my blog after a few minutes of scrolling though, thankfully. I am glad that I am not the only one who had this problem. I like the video you chose tho!


  5. I am not really the most fashionable person but I really enjoyed reading about the collection and watching the video. even though it is not something I am good at or anything I can respect good work when I see it! I thought this was the perfect video to relate to your blog!


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