My QR Code


Whenever I’m walking around the city, I see QR codes on fliers, t-shirts, and even as decals on shop windows. I never really knew what it was for, but understood that it required downloading an app/scanning the pixelations with your camera. Reading the Wikipedia article, I learned that QR stands for Quick Response (by a cell phone) and the codes are used to take transitory media information and put it into a smartphone. It’s essentially a barcode that originated in Japan.

Being a curious person, I decided to do some research on the utilization of QR codes in the fashion world. Many fashion companies (think Gucci & Ralph Lauren) use QR codes to show price tags on clothing items, advertise new products, create coupons, and promote mobile sites. I mean, the code itself can be a fashion statement: the monochrome pixels placed so perfectly into a little square. Talk about minimalistic chic. 🙂

I found a free generator on Google and made a QR code for my blog. It was incredibly easy and straightforward, and I felt like i knew what I was doing (for once!). This was probably the easiest assignment to date. 



  1. It’s really cool that you were able to make this! Before this assignment, I had no idea that it was so simple to do so. I also like the picture you used where the models faces were QR codes!


  2. I like how the QR codes sit on top of the models’ faces on the runway. You did a great job illustrating and explaining how QR codes can be used in fashion.


  3. I really like the picture at the beginning of your blog, it is very fitting for your blog. I thought you did a great job explaining QR codes and how fashion companies make a lot of use for them.


  4. For a second I thought that your QR codes were all individually placed onto your models. Impressive! Then I realized that that was just the picture and your actual code was at the bottom of your post. Still an amazing photo choice though!


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