“Show, Don’t Tell”

This is one of the quotes I have come to live by. This week’s blog assignment requires us to make a post about how we would like our audience to share our blog material. I have thought long and hard about how to provide an answer to this question and this is as close to the truth as I could come up with-

No I am not looking for people to like or “star” my posts. No, I don’t want to collect followers. And no, I am not looking for some twisted form of fame that the Internet provides. Rather, nothing would mean more to me than for my audience to “share” my love for fashion (and keeping up with trends) by reading my styling tips and putting my advice to work. Nothing would make me feel more accomplished and inspired as knowing that someone out there found my pointers to be helpful. Also, I would love to get feedback on my sartorial suggestions- whether you all have found my posts to be useful, or somewhat folly.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then reality must be priceless. 😉



  1. I like that you strayed away from the typical “sharing” and, instead, asked people to live out your faishion tips. I love your blog and definitely see a lot of helpful tips that I will soon be trying out!


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